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Welcome to Tondu United Football Club

It’s easy to forget that youth football clubs are generally run entirely by volunteers. Our management committee and coaching team dedicate time and effort, and lots of it, to providing a safe and fun environment for your kids to learn to play football, meet new friends and learn some valuable life lessons along the way. It’s always nice to be recognised for what you’re doing well, as well as getting constructive feedback for areas we can improve, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We love to help and we are dedicated to providing the best service we can for you and your children.

To all the parents worried about what level of ability your child has or what their role would be on a specific team: May you allow perspective in your thoughts and actions that no matter what team they are placed on or what their role ends up being, it is still a great privilege to be a part of this sport in any capacity. Children develop at different stages and must be given the opportunity to shine. There are some kids who would give ANYTHING to be a part of it, yet for one reason or another, they can't, whether that be money, logistics, geographic restrictions, lack of support, resources in their area, or health to name a few. So instead of worrying about their ability, what team or what role, focus on what IS present for your child, the opportunities to learn, love, and grow into the next chapters of their lives. Don't let the "level"  that they are at in comparison to others they play with dictate the value of your child or the joy they get to have from their experience. Let them see you celebrate their accomplishments as part of a big journey, not as a snapshot in time that completely stops all other things. The minutes, hours, seasons, years you have to be a part of it are limited. Make them good and enjoy the huge privilege it is to watch your child walk onto that pitch to do what they love.


We are delighted to launch our brand new Mini Magpies football sessions, which is our new Under 5's group for children in Reception Class. These sessions will focus on the basics of ABC's, whilst creating a fun environment for your child to grow in confidence and develop their basic skills.


Sport brings out the best in people. Give your child an opportunity to learn and improve football skills, teamwork and social respect that will help them in everyday life, whilst making new friendships too. Bring your child to our next training session and see what Tondu United Football Club are all about.

Coaches Needed

Tondu United Football Club are always looking for volunteers to add to our team of coaching staff. Helping young people develop their skills in football can be very rewarding and great fun. Find out how Tondu United FC will support you through your coaching journey.


Business owner looking to support a local winning team? Fancy seeing your logo on our kits? Find out more on how a sponsorship deal with Tondu United Football Club can give you the exposure your business deserves. Sponsoring a team will show fantastic support for this community club.


"What a fantastic group of people. The time and effort put into making sure that children grow and develop is beyond all expectations. All coaches are friendly, caring and approachable. The club ethos is fantastic. Very proud to be part of something very special!!

“Our son has been playing for nearly a year now. We have been so pleased with his progress in that time and he throughly enjoys training and matches every matter the weather!! I must say they are fast becoming my favourite day of the week too, watching him play and the comradery between the children is wonderful to see. His confidence has improved and he has learnt so much. We are really impressed with the coach too, he is a great guy who clearly has a passion for football and the skills the children need to be learning. Would absolutely recommend to anyone thinking of signing up to football training at Tondu United."

"Very well organised, professional, coaches invest a lot of time and effort into each child... great club to be a part of."

"They devote their time to ensure the team is both trained and cared for whilst they are training and during the match days.”